Kim was born in Dingwall Memorial Hospital  and grew up in Ullapool.  Some of her earliest memories involve music, sitting in on music sessions with her family, listening to lots of different genres of music whilst travelling in the car, or hearing it filtering through from the living room whilst tucked up in bed.

Her Dad sings and plays and has been a great influence on her, the support from him and the other members of the family encouraged her to get involved in many opportunities. Her Mum has always enjoyed drawing and produced and sold her own work on tea towels, coasters etc. and she helped Kim develop other artistic talents as well as music.

Educated at Ullapool Primary and High Schools, Kim left to pursue her interest in music, gaining a place at the National Centre for Excellence in Traditional Music at Plockton. Whilst there she immersed herself in music with tuition on whistles, piano and singing.  Kim moved on from there to Glasgow School of Art, studying Visual Communication and was awarded a BA Hons degree.

Throughout growing up Kim has been part of the Feisian movement, starting as a participant at the age of 8, and progressing to supervisor and tutor.  This experience helped her decide to become a teacher. She gained a post graduate diploma in secondary art and design from Glasgow university and has taught both primary and secondary level art and design.

Kim says the best part of teaching is sharing her enthusiasm for art and music with the young people, she cannot imagine not being creative and feels lucky that she can find the time to do her own art and music too.

What influences on her work – in Kim’s own words:

“I have been fortunate enough to have had some great teachers and tutors through the years who have inspired me and help build my confidence.  I am influenced by the Highland landscape and this is part of the reason I have moved back here.  The highlands is such a creative hub and full of talented artists and musicians who provide lots of inspiration.  I will continue to explore a range of media, my main specialism at art school was illustration and I am working on some more illustrative work, including a children’s book.  I am also planning to release an EP of some new songs next year.”

Unsurprisingly Kim enjoys reading and looking at the illustrations in fairy tales, seeing how different artists illustrate the same story. Her personal music favourites include ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac, ‘Free Man in Paris’ by Joni Mitchell, ‘Headlong’ by Queen, ‘Tempted’ by Squeeze, ‘Tangled up in Blue’ by Bob Dylan, ‘October Winds’ by Cara Dillon, ‘Bury It’ by Churches, the whole Michael McGoldrick ‘Fused’ album and ‘Africa’ by Toto…….

If Kim didn’t live in the Highlands she would choose to live in France, but feels a strong affinity to Scotland and hopes she promotes this with her work.


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