Jan works in both two and three-dimensions, concentrating on embroidered textiles, book art, sculpture and mosaic. Much of the work centres on the fragility of domestic life as lived within this wilderness landscape and is often developed from the themes and motifs to be found in her own poetry.

“My work is both an exploration and celebration of the intrinsic beauty and potential of everyday rituals and the familiar environments that shape our lives. I find that combining an eclectic mix of recycled, found and natural materials, each with their own history and patina, gives fresh life to each work whilst retaining a resonance with the past. The resulting work is usually intense in colour and organic in form. Recently I have become interested in illuminating lyrical text, giving expression to the links, both ordinary and sacred, between human experience and the natural world within which we dwell.”


Jan lives in Elphin, a crofting township in Assynt, Sutherland, 15 miles north of Ullapool. She combines working to commission with teaching mosaic, embroidered textiles, creative book-making and writing, travelling the length and breadth of Scotland in the process.

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