“The End” is an explosive new dance performance choreographed by Jack Webb, who won the ‘One to Watch’ award at the Scottish Culture Awards 2016.

THE END features dancers Martyn Garside, Rachael O’Neill and Keren Small, and aims to confront the dramatic notion of end points: the end of the world, the end of life as we know it, the end of good,bad and all in-between. With a stunning pulsating soundtrack (featuring music by the Knife and Mike Q amongst others) and a sleazy dead of night set, three dancers explore their own sense of mortality, excess, connection, disconnection and endurance, with mob interjections from a team of local participants.

THE END is an invitation to look at ourselves, our world and to consider what we leave behind.

Jack Webb is a Tramway Associate Artist, and THE END is a Tramway and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary its co-production supported by Creative Scotland, Dance Base, City Moves Dance Agency and the contributors to an Indiegogo crown fund campaign.


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The Macphail Theatre, Ullapool

Thursday 15th September

From the Macphail Centre. tel:01854 613336