grammar of wavelength

freagairtean do thaisteal; tir is muir

responses to journeying;land and sea

An exhibition by collaboration artist, Stephen | Morrison, inspired by shared journeys and including film, text and painting.

Writer, poet and storyteller, Ian Stephen, and visual artist, Christine Morrison, have been travelling together for several years from their home port of Stornoway. They have responded, in language, mark-making and painting, to their travels on the sea and on the land.

‘grammar of wavelength’ shows work by Stephen Morrison – their ongoing collaboration – based on these journeys. The work has also led to artists’ books and mainstream publications, which are also represented in the exhibition.

An Talla Solais is Ullapool’s visual arts centre and the gallery hosts a wide range of exhibitions of contemporary art.

Cabinet, the shop which is separate from the organisation but is based in the gallery, selling a range of art, crafts, jewellery and homewares from across Scotland.

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An Talla Solais Gallery, West Argyle Street, Ullapool

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