Fais Rois offers classes in fiddle and accordion at a range of levels for young pupils (P4 – S6).

For full details please visit the Feis Rois website

Year 2016 -2017

Term 1: Week beginning 22nd August to week ending 7th October No classes week beginning 19th September (6 weeks)

Term 2: Week beginning 24th October to week ending 2nd December (6 weeks)

Term 3: Week beginning 9th January to week ending 24th March No classes week beginning 20th February (10 weeks)

Term 4: Week beginning 24th April to week ending 16th June for all areas except Lochcarron and Ullapool. In both these areas there will be no classes on the 1st May or 5th June so classes will finish on week ending 30th June (8 weeks)

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Full costs are on the Feis Rois website