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‘Winging it’ warm up show – John Bishop<br>COMEDY</br>05 & 06.08.2017

‘Winging it’ warm up show – John Bishop
05 & 06.08.2017

  • Where: Macphail Theatre, Mill Street, Ullapool
  • When : Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August 2017 8pm
  • Cost: £25 Tickets online from Ticketmaster or from the Macphail Centre 01854 613336

The Macphail Theatre is the venue for two nights of John Bishop’s tour ‘Winging It”

John is touring the country from Exeter to Ullapool to Limerick and many more places in between.  Well known for his liverpudlian accent and conversations with friends on the TV , the Macphail Centre in Ullapool is delighted to host his live performance.




Grammar of wavelength <br> EXHIBITION </br> 01.04.2017 – 07.05.2017

Grammar of wavelength
01.04.2017 – 07.05.2017

  • Where: An Talla Solais Gallery, West Argyle Street, Ullapool
  • When: Open daily 10am - 5pm
  • Cost: Entry to Gallery is free

grammar of wavelength

freagairtean do thaisteal; tir is muir

responses to journeying;land and sea

An exhibition by collaboration artist, Stephen | Morrison, inspired by shared journeys and including film, text and painting.

Writer, poet and storyteller, Ian Stephen, and visual artist, Christine Morrison, have been travelling together for several years from their home port of Stornoway. They have responded, in language, mark-making and painting, to their travels on the sea and on the land.

‘grammar of wavelength’ shows work by Stephen Morrison – their ongoing collaboration – based on these journeys. The work has also led to artists’ books and mainstream publications, which are also represented in the exhibition.

An Talla Solais is Ullapool’s visual arts centre and the gallery hosts a wide range of exhibitions of contemporary art.

Cabinet, the shop which is separate from the organisation but is based in the gallery, selling a range of art, crafts, jewellery and homewares from across Scotland.

Ullapool Book Festival <br>EVENTS </br> 05.05.2017 – 07.05.2017

Ullapool Book Festival
05.05.2017 – 07.05.2017

  • Where: Ullapool Village Hall, Market Street, and other local venues
  • When: Throughout the weekend of 5th to 7th May 2017
  • Cost: Varied - visit the Book Festival website for full information

Another jam-packed weekend of literary excellence to be held in Ullapool.

Bookings for the weekend or individual events is a must – already some sessions are sold out.

Go to for full information

Isle Martin <br> EVENTS </br> 19.05.2017 – 21.05.2017

Isle Martin
19.05.2017 – 21.05.2017

  • Where: Isle Martin, offshore near Ardmair

Formed in 1999, Isle Martin Trust is responsible for managing Isle Martin on behalf of the communities of Lochbroom and Coigach. Everything is run and led by volunteers from the local community.  The island is approximately 3 miles north of Ullapool, in the North-West Highlands, next to Ardmair.
The island is currently uninhabited and has been since the 1980’s. There are 4 houses on the island.

Festival of Future Living and Community Resilience

Invitation to be yourself, on an island, on the weekend of 19th/20th/21st of May 2017

This 3 day, off-grid, island bound festival wants you! Community owned and run Isle Martin is extending its usual open day to fit in more walks, talks and other installations. We would like you to get in touch if there is something you’d like to do on the island that weekend, however big or small. From painting pebble to planting the seeds of future projects.

for full details of this event please visit the website

Hunter & The Bear <br> PERFORMANCE </br> 19.05.2017

Hunter & The Bear

  • Where: Ullapool Village Hall, Market Street Ullapool
  • When: 19 May 2017
  • Cost: book tickets via website

Hunter  & the Bear perform at Ullapool Village Hall.  One member of the band, Will, is from Achiltibuie. he is the lead vocalist and plays rhythm guitar

For more details of their **debut album** tour this year go to their own website Hunter and the Bear


Mahler Players – Macphail Theatre<br> PERFORMANCE </br> 07.06.2017

Mahler Players – Macphail Theatre

  • Where: Macphail Theatre, Mill Street, Ullapool
  • When: Wednesday 7 June 2017 8pm
  • Cost: Contact The Macphail Centre on 01854 613336 for details

The Macphail Theatre is the venue for performance by the Mahler Players


Mahler Symphony No. 10
The Mahler Players return with the final concert in the Mahler in Miniature series. Mahler’s Tenth, unfinished at the time of his death, has long fascinated audiences and performers. We perform the Adagio first movement, the only part of the symphony almost entirely completed by Mahler. Together with Mahler’s final statement is an orchestral version of the last opera in Wagner’s Ring Cycle, Götterdämerung (“The Twilight of the Gods”). At around 45 minutes in length this is a presentation of the orchestral highlights of the opera, lovingly crafted into an unbroken symphonic line by arranger Iain Farrington.

The Mahler Players will also be giving the world premiere of Escapades, a newly commissioned work by Peter Longworth.

Craig Hill – Up and Coming <br>COMEDY </br>10.06.2017

Craig Hill – Up and Coming

  • Where: Macphail Theatre, Mill Street, Ullapool
  • When: Saturday 10 June 2017
  • Cost: Tickets from the Macphail Centre 01854 613336

Hot on the heels of last year’s sell-out tour, Craig Hill your favourite jet-fuelled kilty pleasure makes his long awaited debut at the Macphail Centre on Saturday the 10th June like a rocket full of fun! Craig is certainly ‘up’ and most definitely coming, so book early!


Tickets available now from: and Macphail Centre

Crawl down the Ogre- Doug Scott CBE <br>TALK </br> 06.07.2017

Crawl down the Ogre- Doug Scott CBE

  • Where: Macphail Theatre, Mill Street, Ullapool
  • When: Thursday 6 July 2017 7pm
  • Cost: £14 Tickets from the Macphail Centre 01854 613336

The Macphail Centre hosts this fascinating talk by Doug Scott CBE.

This is an epic tale of hard climbing and survival that has now become part of mountaineering folklore. The Ogre (7,285 m) is the most difficult high mountain to climb in the world; there is no easy way to the summit. On July 13, 1977, Doug Scott and Chris Bonington reached the summit for the first time after very difficult rock climbing that extended the boundaries of what had been achieved before at that altitude where there is only half the oxygen in the atmosphere than at sea level. Doug’s big wall climbing experience in Norway, Yosemite and Baffin Island were crucial to this achievement.

The descent in the dark immediately became an epic when abseiling off the summit block Doug slipped on water ice and smashed into rocks breaking both legs just above the ankles. A storm blew in lasting five days during which time Chris smashed his ribs and contracted pneumonia. It took eight hard days to reach Base Camp – that was only made possible by the selfless support of Clive Rowland and Mo Anthoine.
After a five day wait for a stretcher party of eight Balti hillmen, Doug was carried into the village of Askoli three days later. Half an hour after arrival a helicopter flew in and out to Skardu where, to add insult to injury, it crash landed well short of the helipad but without further injury to the occupants.

Juplicity – Phil Jupitus<br>COMEDY <br/>26.07.2017

Juplicity – Phil Jupitus

  • Where: The Macphail Theatre, Mill Street, Ullapool
  • When: Wednesday 26 July
  • Cost: Tickets available on line and from the Macphail Centre 01854 613336

off the kerb and beyond present comedian Phil Jupitus.

This popular stand-up and TV comedian is well-known for his appearances on the pop music quiz show Never Mind The Buzzcocks. His career as a performer began in 1984 when he quit his job as a civil servant to follow a new direction as a performance poet on the alternative comedy circuit and supporting bands such as The Style Council and The Housemartins. During the late ’80s he worked with Billy Bragg, directing videos for both Bragg and Kirsty MacColl.

Phill has an abiding love and in-depth knowledge of popular music, particularly ska, bluebeat and rhythm and blues. His hugely successful standup tours have included Jedi, Steady, Go and Quadrophobia, and he has worked extensively on radio, variously as a contributor, panellist and presenter. He has also toured as part of The Blockheads line-up.

The Arch Inn <br> PERFORMANCE </br>2017

The Arch Inn

  • Where: The Arch Inn, West Shore Street, Ullapool
  • When: Various
  • Cost: Free entry - bar open

The Arch Inn opened in 1973 on the site of the first building built by the British Fishing Society when Ullapool was being established over 200 years ago.  Musical performances throughout the season

Regular Wednesday night sessions with Ruairidh Maclean, excellent young local accordion player.

29 April  Will and the Wild Horse


The Argyll Hotel <br>PERFORMANCES </br> 2017

The Argyll Hotel

  • Where: The Argyll Hotel, Argyll Street, Ullapool
  • When: Performances start 9.00pm
  • Cost : Free entry - bar open

The Argyll Hotel has regular music performances throughout the season.

30 April Gillian Grassie

6 & 27 May Martin Stephenson – Martin is regular performer in the Argyll

13 May Stefan van de Sande

20 May Shen an ygens

2 June Al Hughes

9 June Berlin Jiarg tbc


Ceilidh Place Venue <br> PERFORMANCES </br> 2017

Ceilidh Place Venue

  • Where: Ceilidh Place Venue or Cafe/Bar
  • When: All shows start at 8.30pm
  • Cost : Various - tickets can be booked 2 weeks prior to performance

The Ceilidh Place hosts a variety of music performances throughout the season

What’s On 2017


15th Tannara £8

19th Imar sponsored by The Stonehouses Ullapool £9


5-7th Ullapool Book Festival

12th King Creosote & Mairearad Green

11th Luke Sital-Singh – A Beyond Promotion £10 @ 7.30pm

18th Top Floor Taivers £8

26th James Lindsay – Album Launch £9

27/28 May-West Festival (Glasgow)


2nd Rachel Newton Trio £8

8th Daimh £8

13th The Dime Notes £8

22nd Rab Noakes £8


4th Peach, Gray, Young and Sinclair £8

7th Routes String Quartet £8

19th Eilidh Firth Trio £7

22nd Doghouse Roses £8

24th Alistair McCulloch Trio £9

27th Fras £9


3rd Steve Turner £7

7th Ebhal (In Cafe Bar) Free In The Bar

10th Jenny Sturgeon & Jonny Hardie £7

16th Eddie Seaman & Luc McNally £7

19th Iain Thomson & Marc Duff £8

23rd Gaberlunzie £8

24th Gaberlunzie £8

25th Baile (in Cafe Bar) Free In The Bar


7th Mairearad Green & Mike Vass £12

14th Nae Plans £9

29th-30th Loopallu Music Festival


6th-8th Ullapool Guitar Festival

27th Ross Martin & Eilidh Shaw £8


TBC Fred Morrison £10


Feis Rois <br /> CLASSES <br / > Termtimes 2016 – 2017

Feis Rois
Termtimes 2016 – 2017

  • Where: Ullapool Schools
  • When: Termtime
  • Cost: Full costs are on the Feis Rois website

Fais Rois offers classes in fiddle and accordion at a range of levels for young pupils (P4 – S6).

For full details please visit the Feis Rois website

Year 2016 -2017

Term 1: Week beginning 22nd August to week ending 7th October No classes week beginning 19th September (6 weeks)

Term 2: Week beginning 24th October to week ending 2nd December (6 weeks)

Term 3: Week beginning 9th January to week ending 24th March No classes week beginning 20th February (10 weeks)

Term 4: Week beginning 24th April to week ending 16th June for all areas except Lochcarron and Ullapool. In both these areas there will be no classes on the 1st May or 5th June so classes will finish on week ending 30th June (8 weeks)



With support from Highlands & Islands Enterprise, a consortium of organisations has come together to create new projects and raise the profile of the arts and cultural activity in Ullapool in the North West Highlands. An Talla Solais, Fèis Rois, The Macphail Centre, Ullapool Book Festival and Ullapool Museum will work under the banner of Creative Ullapool from July 2014 onwards. The five key partners will also work closely with other artists and other organisations in the village.

Creative Ullapool Consortium wants to be all inclusive and if you wish to find out more about people who live and work in Ullapool please click here.

An Talla Solais

An Talla Solais

Ullapool Visual Arts View Details
Fèis Rois

Fèis Rois

View Details
The Macphail Centre

The Macphail Centre

View Details
Ullapool Book festival

Ullapool Book festival

View Details
Ullapool Museum

Ullapool Museum

View Details
An Talla Solais

An Talla Solais

Ullapool Visual Arts

An Talla Solais (‘the hall of light’) is Ullapool’s centre for the visual arts. An Talla Solais runs an annual programme of exhibitions showing contemporary art from near and far, offers studio and workshop space for artists and groups to make art in, and runs a collection of events and classes to enable local communities and visitors to engage with art. An Talla Solais also hosts Market Street Arts, an independent shop selling art and crafts made in the highlands. We’re open from Wednesday to Sundays from Easter to October; please visit for more details.

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Fèis Rois

Fèis Rois

Fèis Rois aims to create transformative opportunities for people of all ages to celebrate and engage with traditional music and the Gaelic language.

The organisation’s vision is to see:
• Everyone living in Ross-Shire, and indeed across Scotland, having the opportunity to access and participate in the traditional arts
• The traditional arts transforming communities and contributing to the economy
• Scotland’s traditional arts recognised internationally

Fèis Rois provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn skills in the traditional arts, as well as encouraging cross art form collaboration, innovative contemporary practice and the use of digital technology.

In Ullapool, people can get involved in weekly classes and sessions taking place in Ullapool Primary School and The Ceilidh Place on Mondays, as well as three annual residential courses held in April (for primary school aged children), May (for adults) and October (for young people of secondary school age).

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The Macphail Centre

The Macphail Centre

The Macphail Centre runs a year round arts events programme. We aim to have something for everyone and a real treat is in store for you when you come to our performances, workshops and exhibitions.

The quality and diversity reaches from the National Companies out on tour to home grown young people’s drama group productions that could have you laughing all the way home; changing exhibitions include painting, textiles to informative panels on our natural world , local photographs that remind you of your past.

In addition we provide opportunities for learning with workshops and classes, perhaps to try out something new out or to enhance and improve your skills.

Visit site
Ullapool Book festival

Ullapool Book festival

Ullapool Book Festival invites writers and audiences to celebrate literature in all forms during a weekend in May that is inspiring, thought-provoking and entertaining. The festival features fiction, non-fiction and poetry and includes work in Gaelic and Scots. A tradition has developed that sees the festival invite a Canadian author each year. UBF also promotes literature at other times throughout the year.

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Ullapool Museum

Ullapool Museum

Ullapool Museum tells the story of the people of Lochbroom – local history, fishing, crofting, emigration, family history and more.

Housed in a recently refurbished Grade A1 listed “Thomas Telford Church”, built in 1829, Ullapool Museum is an architectural gem. Retaining many of its original features, the building alone is worth a visit. With regularly changing exhibitions and events, enthusiastic volunteers and staff, we play an important part in the cultural life of Ullapool.

We have full accredited status with Museums Galleries Scotland and are a registered charity SCO 18225. Follow our activities on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and contact us on Open April – October, Monday – Saturday.

See us on Pinterest

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